Leather Wrist Strap

New leather wriststrap!!
All the leather straps are double sided leather.



Price: US$55

International Shipping for the straps are 6usd

KenjiLeather is proud to announce our new line of Italian leather straps for the Fujifilm, Leica,Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus

Beautifully crafted and attached with a custom made release clip for safe and quick removal of strap from camera.
(the release clip is custom made to have a shorter release lever and also a tighter mechanism to prevent opening due accidental reason)

Italian Leather wrist strap are US$55
additional wooden washer is 8usd

All our Leather straps are made of genuine leather on both side, each pieces cut from a single piece of hide.
The Italian Leather wrist strap comes in 4 color choices
Ortensia Deep Blue
Classic Black
Dark Olive Green
Napoli Mastard Brown

Addtional option to add the wooden washer is available at an additional 8usd.

The listing is for a single piece of Italian leather wriststrap only, any other items shown on the photos are not included the the listed price.

We ship worldwide so international customers are welcome 🙂

Please feel free to contact me if you have any question 🙂