Kenjileather X-T2 Camera case – Fujifilm X-T2 leather case

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KenjiLeather is proud to announce our new line of leather cases for the Fujifilm X-T2!!!.



Fujifilm X-T2 Leather Case – KenjiLeather Half case


KenjiLeather is ready to take order of the X-T2 Leather case – Fujifilm X-T2 Half case

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Leather Choices

  • Classic Black Italian
  • Napoli Mustard Yellow Italian
  • Ortensia deep blue Italian
  • Dark Oliva green Italian
  • Mocha Premium Brown Pull up 
  • Papavero wax leather (shown on some of the photos)

Other Leather choices may also be available, please contact us for more information.

Custom options

Custom Options are available at additional cost as below:

     Build in grip – 30usd

  • Our build in grip option improves the ergonomics of the Fujifilm xpro2 replacing the need for the fuji X-T2 grip which is more costly.

     Battery access – 15usd

  • Our Battery access provides a cutout at the bottom of the case allow quick access to the battery compartment without having to remove the case from the camera

     Tripod Screw Attachment – 15usd

  • Our Custom made Tripod Screw attachment tightens and attached the case firmly to the case and also provides direct tripod mounting to the case.

     LCD cover – 30usd

  • Our LCD cover provides additional protection for the LCD area.

     Full Case Attachment – 135usd

  • Working together with our half leather camera case. From the Back to the lens area, the Full Case attachment provides additional protection over areas not covered by the half case. Keeping your camera and lenses safe and covered, the Full Case attachment is very useful when your cameras is in a bag full of other gears!

X-T2 Leather case price: (US$150)

We ship worldwide
International buyers are welcome.

International Shipping – 12usd

Expedite order and shipment is also available at additional cost.

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Feel free to contact me if there is any question.

We also do custom cases, so do contact us directly if there is any question

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Tripod screw attachment


Battery access cutout


LCD Cover

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Full case attachment