Fujifilm X-T1 Half Case

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KenjiLeather is proud to announce our new line of leather cases for the Fujifilm X-T1!!!.



Price: US$140

Contact kenjileather@gmail.com for more details and to order now!

KenjiLeather is proud to announce our new line of leather cases for the Fujifilm X-T1!!!

(All X-T1 cases will come with the tripod screw attachment which is usually a custom option)


Espresso (black leather with black stitch)(140usd) :
The term Espresso originates from the word ‘Express’, which in this case means to ‘convey’.
The message this casing conveys is simple, yet profound; black never goes out of style.

Café Mocha (premium brown leather)(155usd) :
Coffee and chocolate are a delightful combination.
Your camera and this suave brown leather case will look just as smooth as a warm cup of good Mocha.

Macchiato (black leather with gold stitch)(140usd):
Macchiato’s full name is Espresso Macchiato, a variant of Espresso with a touch of milk.
Which perfectly describes this casing, being black with a hint of classy gold stitching.

Rhino Grey (Grey Leather with light grey stitches)(155usd):
The new grey option!!
Please do note that the Café Mocha (premium brown leather) and Rhino Grey (grey leather with light grey stitches) will cost 15usd more

Please note which leather are you getting for this case 🙂

International buyers are welcome.
We ship worldwide except under special circumstances.

Feel free to contact me if there is any question.

Express shipping option are avail (please ask for express shipping quotation)

Custom options available as below:

Tripod screw attachment – (tripod screw are included for all X-T1 cases)
Battery access – 12usd
LCD panel cover (removable or permanently attached at the bottom) – 25usd
Full case – 135usd

Please ask for more information 🙂

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Tripod screw attachment


Battery access cutout


LCD Cover

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Full case attachment