Customize your casing

We offer custom options for our cases.

Cost are below:

Built-in grip – USD $25
Battery access cutout – USD $12
Tripod screw attachment – USD $12
LCD cover flap (option of either permanently attached at the bottom or fully removable from the case)  – USD $25
Full case attachment – USD $135
Neckstrap as shown on some images – USD $35

Below are images of some of our custom options:


Built-in grip for X-E1 comparison
(the pictures are small, the built-in in grip increase the grip size significantly.
As the fuji X-E1 is a small camera, the grip is essential for people with bigger hands 🙂 )

xe1 grip comparison


Tripod screw attachment at the bottom of the case
(The button beside is the clip for removable LCD cover flap custom option)

tripod screw attachment

tripod screw


Battery access cutout, tripod screw and removable LCD attachment
(Images below shows a Fujifilm X-E1 (Mocha premium brown) with custom options as above)

Xe-1 with batt access,tripod,LCD


Removable LCD cover flap
(this custom order also comes with permanently attached option)

LCD cover flap2

LCD cover flap1


Full case attachment
(images below shows the full case attachment with basic half case for the Fujifilm X-Pro1 with 35mm f1.4lens)

xpro1 full case 1

xpro1 full case 2

xpro1 full case 3